*looks around*

Wow… this is really cool! I really owe it to MANY of my Twilight Legend/Youtube friends: Eva, Lulu, Angeru, and Mari! Thanks for helping a beginner out.

I kept postponing the day I would make my blog because of end-of-the-year projects, reports, tests, etc. But today, I was really bored, so I finally got the chance and created it! Yay! I finally have a blog, along with all of my other friends.

Hmm, what should I say? Umm, the weather here in Connecticut is starting to heat up, which is like a miracle!!! Our winter was pretty long, but it’s finally clearing up. School ends on the 19th, since we had quite a few snow days and because of our late start.

I owe TONS of lines for groupdubs, I have school business to take care of, and I have to prevent my life from collapsing! GAH~!!! Wish me luck…